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on these pages you'll find upcoming updates and supporting info of my #indie #gameDev [single-developer] projects.

I do side-by-side game development. My designs are using the same gameEngine and since different game-ideas do share the same sourceCode [camera, gui, input...] i like to use my time and resources, to sort and tackle its design side-by-side.

Several instances of game-studios do or have done side-by-side development, on much larger scaled projects, successful. However, i used to produce media artAssets fulltime and can somewhat outsource the production of such content w/o too. much of programmer art - So, i do not spend time on artAsset creation myself anymore.

The rule i set myself here, is to produce storyDriven games, which do support the idea of being a stressRelieve and gettingTogether for some every day fun e.g. one to three hours tops.

Please, feel free to #spreadTheWord and support JTimm's #ssFeinbild.

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“A picture is worth a thousand words. Unless you deal with a foggy and dark world.”
-Adam7 M.D.

“I been followed by a ghost, which is holding a flashlight .. and i continuously yelling on or off.”

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